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Rural Internet Solutions Enterprise
Superfast Internet for Hard to Reach Areas
Rural Internet Solutions Enterprise (RISE) is an organisation of professionals who live in rural communities on the Isle of Wight and have first hand experience of the disadvantages and issues caused by slow internet speeds. Our team have personal experience in successfully overcoming the challenges involved in making Superfast internet speeds a reality in rural areas reliably, cost effectively and on a sustainable basis.

RISE's mission is to ensure that Superfast internet speeds are made available to the thousands of users on the Isle of Wight whose phone lines are not able to deliver Superfast speeds and for whom there is no prospect of the phone lines being improved due to high costs, low population density and the long distances involved in rural areas.

RISE's mission statement is "To make Superfast internet speeds available equally to disadvantaged rural users"

Without new phone lines many rural users have no prospect of getting speed improvements as there is no phone line based technology that can overcome the problem of long copper wires depleting the avaialble speed.

The government is implementing a large initiative to fund widespread improvements and upgrades to the telephone lines network. There will be some rural users who will be fortunate enough to have a new phone system'cabinet' installed closer to them as a result of this initiative or as a result of BT''s plans to upgrade more telephone exchanges and 'cabinets'. Rural users who live close enough to a 'cabinet' or upgraded telephone exchange will be able to receive Superfast internet speeds as these improvements are implemented over the next few years.

Statistics suggest that there are up to 10,000 premises on the Isle of Wight whose phone line length prevents them from having any prospect of receiving Superfast internet speeds using a phone line based technology. These premesis will require an alternative to their phone line if they wish to receive Superfast internet speeds.

RISE is working to ensure that Superfast internet speeds are made available to the thousands of rural premesis who are too far away from a 'cabinet' or telephone exchange to benefit from any of the major government or BT initiatives.

If you live in a rural area on the Isle of Wight and you currently have a very slow internet speed then you may be one of these thousands of people who will need an alternative to your phone line if you wish to receive Superfast internet speeds.

The Government has appointed DEFRA to distribute an additional fund that is designated for making Superfast internet speeds available to the 10% of rural users who will not benefit from the major government initiative to improve the phone system infrastucture or from BT's planned improvements.

RISE has identified that there is no phone line based solution that can overcome the fundamental problem of the very long copper phone lines to many rural users.

RISE has developed costings and plans for a high performance wireless internet service infrastructure that would make high quality Superfast internet available to those 10% of rural premises who will not be able to receive it using their phone lines. This system will make Superfast internet speeds available to all premesis that register their interest and many thousands more too.

Several RISE team members rely on high performance wireless technology systems themselves for their home or for their business and have personal experiance of using wireless technology as a reliable and effective Superfast internet solution.

RISE has submitted an Expression of Interest (EoI) to DEFRA for funding to implement a high performance wireless infrastructure system that will make Superfast internet available to the 10% of rural premises that phone lines can't reach effectively.

Please Support RISE by emailing us : faster@riseproject.co.uk

Your note of support will help us iin our efforts to make sure that all rural users on the Isle of Wight have the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of Superfast internet connectivity and so they will not get increasingly disadvantaged by a widening 'digital divide'.